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Julius Caesar

“There are moments in history when the whole fate and future of nations can be decided by a single decision” Gough Whitlam 1972


To mark the 2075th anniversary of Julius Caesar’s assassination by 60 politicians, 2019 Mercury’s Wings Theatre Company will bring Shakespeare’s political thriller Julius Caesar to the Gold Coast.

Julius Caesar’s power in Rome is rising, and the Senators are worried that Caesar may accept offers to become Emperor. The noble Marcus Brutus is convinced by his fellow tribunes that Caesar must be stopped at all costs and there is only one way to do it.

Set against the backdrop of Australian politics from the 1970’s to today the play is filled with intrigue and treachery and is timely reminder of the fragile nature of democracy and how quickly it can turn to violence.

After a highly successful productions of The Tempest and Waiting for Godot, Gold Coast locals Mercury’s Wings prepare to dazzle audiences with an intimate, engaging and relevant theatre experience unlike any other seen on the Gold Coast.

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Workshops and/or artists-in-residence are available for school and corporate groups and can be tailored to specific requirements. Workshop facilitators are internationally experienced, and passionate about sharing craft and technique


Schools, Workshops, Training & More

Mercury’s Wings is committed to presenting work that meets educators’ criteria, appealing to students and experts alike.

Workshops and/or artists-in-residence are available for school and corporate groups and can be tailored to specific requirements. Workshop facilitators are internationally experienced and passionate about sharing craft and technique. All hold bluecards (or are exempt) and are available to travel. Mercury’s Wings is also happy to look at any special requests for workshops or professional development for teachers.

At present, workshops are available in the following categories:

Suzuki Physical Theatre
Alicia Jones or James Anderson* (*outside school hours)

The Suzuki Actor Training Method is a powerful actor training system that develops the complete actor. Actors will not only improve physicality, vocal power and grounding, but will also increase confidence, self-knowledge and creativity.

This workshop will cover the basics of the SATM such as:

  • The Stomp
  • Basics 1, 2 & 3
  • The walks
  • Statues – sitting and standing
  • The marches

The workshop will also include improvisational exercises derived from the ideas within the Suzuki Method, developed by Jacqui Carroll and John Nobbs, OzFrank Theatre, Brisbane. The workshops can also discuss how to incorporate the techniques into lessons and units of work.

Claudine Anderson

Options may include:

  • Introduction to Viewpoints or
  • Introduction to Chekhov’s Psychological Gesture

 This workshop will be tailored to specific requirements.

Non-verbal communication can be effective and evocative when considered and crafted. Often, we can be unaware of personal habitual movements or postures that may present an unintended particular slant, or we may be limiting ourselves by a restricted physical vocabulary.

Using effective movement techniques, participants will:

  • Increase awareness of personal physicality
  • Extend movement vocabulary
  • Discover ways to create a character
  • Play with dichotomy of spoken and physical text
  • Learn how to create a presence


Commedia dell Arte & Mask (limited availability)
Brin Pritchard (Le Coq)

Duration:       90 minutes per workshop
Cost:           $16 per student (minimum 20 students – maximum 35)
(excluding Commedia dell Arte & Mask – please contact us)

School bookings 50-70 kms from postcode 4209 will incur travel expenses of $50.
School bookings outside of Queensland by arrangement.



Have you always wanted to try a ballet class?

Did you use to do ballet and miss it?

Come along and enjoy a ballet class for adults with RAD Registered Teacher & ex-professional dancer Claudine.

It doesn’t matter if you might feel a bit creaky or stiff – whether you’ve done it before – or how you think you look (you’re beautiful!) Come along and enjoy some beautiful movement to some beautiful music in a nurturing environment.

Shhhhh……it might be good for your health too!

Between Tuesday 28 August 2018 10:00 AM and Tuesday 27 November 2018 7:00 PM

Dance Studio, Helensvale Cultural Centre
Sir John Overall Dr & Lindfield Road, Helensvale, QLD 4212

Thursdays Child

Sonya Hartnett’s Thursday’s Child adapted for the stage by Monkey Baa

“The world is not one place but two”

Queensland Senior Drama School Curriculum


Thursday’s Child is Tin, born on a Thursday and like the old nursery rhyme, has far to go. A strange and lonely child who digs, his wanderings take him underneath the earth into the subterranean tunnels that he is pre-destined to roam.

Thursday’s Child is the Helpmann Award-winning story of an Australian farming family’s strength as they battle their way through the Great Depression of the 1930’s, which explores the themes of memory, fate, family camaraderie and the spirit of determination in a time of great change.

Mercury’s Wings ensemble interprets an engaging and deeply moving Australian story that captures the heart and imagination.

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dot point-4

O brave new world, That has such people in’t

The Tempest blasts onto the stage in a storm created by Prospero to wreak vengeance on his usurping brother.


Flanked by sprite Ariel and his innocent daughter Miranda, Prospero magically manipulates all around him to ultimately find redemption.

MW founders James & Claudine Anderson & Indigenous artist/performer Alicia Jones (Palawa) came together to collaborate on The Tempest concept with the support of HOTA’s Independent Season. Resonating textual themes of colonialism together with philosophical debate of seeming inherent frailty of leadership inform the production. Alicia’s deceptively simple design suggests an Australian landscape, using elements of driftwood, sand and stone, all sourced locally.

The ensemble is ethnically diverse, and use natural accents, deliberately reflecting the region’s diversity. Caliban, the complex character native to the island, wears chains around his neck, reminiscent of shameful images of Australia’s past, however in this production he is not Indigenous. He is beast-like and no hero.

Feedback: “it felt like I was at the GLOBE theatre in the UK” audience member

“I have just viewed a great production of Shakespeare’s Tempest . I don’t say that lightly since the last time I viewed the play was in London’s Middle Temple Hall on the 400th Anniversary of the play in 2011” Australian Theatre Historian Dr Josey De Rossi (see full review)

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dot point

I’m glad to see you back. I thought you were gone forever

Waiting for Godot is one of the most influential and revered plays of the 20th Century.


Its themes and ideas have had a lasting effect on the world theatre, and it is performed and studied all over the world. Set in an apocalyptic landscape, the play covers themes of life and death, meaning and uncertainty and the value of optimism.

Mercury’s Wings production is set on a dust-ridden road in outback Australia. It could be 1970 or 2020. Vladimir and Estragon are friends, roadworkers, philosophers and accidental clowns. What at first seems a play about nihilism, becomes an epic journey of life affirming optimism and friendship.

Feedback for Waiting for Godot

“As an educator and Education Officer for the Arts Centre Gold Coast, I was thoroughly impressed with the production of Waiting for Godot and some of the brave directing choices, driven by the context of a Queensland mining town. I felt it was particularly relevant for the school/academic audience and perfect for comparing and contrasting original and reimagined works..”

Anastasia Scott-Myles

“The setting really informs the text and the humanity of the production and the humour, both fragile and raucous, that arises from it make the production really engaging and especially enjoyable“

Dr Patrick Mitchell

A distinctive voice from the Gold Coast region.