To Be Or Not To Be ...?

... and other Frequently Asked Questions

Do you audition?

Yes we do! We do not however, have general auditions on a regular basis. Stay in touch through email and friend us on Facebook to find out what we are up to and if we are looking for actors.

Do I need to be fit?

No, we can adapt to suit the group, but a level of fitness will always be of help.

Do I need experience?

Experience with the training is always a bonus, but not necessary. Best to let us know either way if you have or have not trained before.

What do I wear?

The training is very physical, participants will need to be able to move freely. Shorts/Gym tights and t-shirt is best. Also a pair of good socks. If you have Tabi you are welcome to wear them. Bring a water bottle and some play lunch in case you get the munchies!

Do I have to be an actor?

No. The training is primarily designed for actors, but if you want to increase your self knowledge and creativity, come along! It is not an acting class as such, it is training for acting, that has many self knowledge benefits.