Getting to Know Us

Claudine Anderson

(née Stephen-Smith)

Co-Artistic Director

Claudine trained as a classical ballet dancer and performed leading roles with German and French ballet companies.

She expanded her repertoire to musical theatre, performing Anita in West Side Story at Musiktheater im Revier and Wuppertaler Staatstheater under the musical directorship of Koen Shoots to critical acclaim, followed by taking on the role of Peggy Sue in the iconic long-running Hamburg production of Buddy Holly 1998-1999.

Moving to the other side of the stage, she has trained with LAMDA, London (Shakespeare) and NIDA (Movement Studies). She has directed award-winning productions of classic texts (Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing, Endgame) for Mercury's Wings, devised/choreographed new works on commission, created new performance spaces and directed Australian contemporary work for Queensland Regional Tours (Carbon Dating by Ron Elisha, Wallflowering by Peta Murray).

In addition to contractual work for the Royal Academy of Dance in training new teachers, she is currently a Doctoral Candidate at QUT, Creative Industries - Research.

James Anderson
Co-Artistic Director

James is a versatile, award-winning performer: recipient of an Actor's Fellowship at Shakespeare's Globe London, and international Suzuki Physical Theatre practitioner.

He has trained under many great Shakespearean actors and teachers, such as Giles Block (Master of Text - Shakespeare's Globe), Martin McKellan (Master of Voice - Shakespeare's Globe), Jennifer Flowers (Churchill Fellow and Matilda Award winner) and Timothy Walker (Director Actors Fellowship Shakespeare's Globe Theatre). James has performed numerous Shakespearean roles: Hamlet, Macbeth, Macduff and Banquo, Benedick (Much Ado) and Orsino (Twelfth Night) as well as directing Romeo and Juliet in 2014.

He performed the title role in Frank Theatre's Badengood on location in Toga Japan, at Tadashi Suzuki's international flagship theatre festival, and toured Queensland with Ron Elisha's Carbon Dating. In 2007, he performed Clov in Endgame, the first professional Beckett production ever on the Gold Coast, to critical acclaim.

His qualifications and experience as a secondary school drama and English teacher, give him a unique insight on the opportunities and challenges facing teachers in the school environment and beyond.